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    Cheap Calls to Mali ( Malitel/Sotelma )
    allday, everyday 6cent /min
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Cheap calls to Mali ( Malitel/Sotelma ) with Lycamobile

Every 2 seconds we gain a new member to our Lyca family, who we help to connect with loved ones and business colleagues based in four different continents throughout the world. As we grow and move in to more and more countries, we do our very best to ensure our high quality network and low prices remain the same.

Mali ( Malitel/Sotelma ) call cost - Low tariffs

Whether looking to call loved ones or to catch-up with friends, we offer cheap rates to landlines and mobile in Mali ( Malitel/Sotelma ), with no need to sign a contract. Simply Top-Up using either the instructions enclosed or our My Lycamobile platform. Call Mali ( Malitel/Sotelma ) for:

Special Rate with LYCA SMART Offer
Connection charge - 18cent

* 3cent/min (Landline and mobile) only applied to the new customers from 21/01/2017 to 28/02/2017. All other customers will be charged at (Landline- 6cent/min / Mobile - 9cent/min).
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