Customers should activate LYCA SMART International Offer to be eligible to get the below special rates. LYCA SMART Offer is available in two versions: monthly (30 days) or weekly (7 days). Customers can activate LYCA SMART MONTHLY at only 1€/month (texting SMART to 3535), or they can activate LYCA SMART WEEKLY at only 0,25€/week (texting S7 to 3535). LYCA SMART will be automatically renewed, but customers can cancel the auto-renewal by dialling *190# before the expiry date and following the instructions. Customer who did not opt-in will be charged at Standard Rates. The activation cost is free from 11-05-2016 to 30-06-2016.

Standard International Rates
Calls to Landlines from
1cent /min
Calls to Mobile from
0centLycamobile /min
1centOther /min
Send SMS from
12centLycamobile /SMS
12centOther /SMS

Special International Rates with Lyca SMART Offer (Text SMART or S7 to 3535)
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