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For the consumer


Lycamobile informs that starting from November 14, 2022 the rules for number portability (MNP) and for the replacement of the SIM will change as follows. Resolution 86/21 / CIR, which provides for new protection mechanisms and the strengthening of controls during the portability and SIM change procedure.

In summary, we inform you about the main changes for MNP as follows:

  1. The request for portability of your mobile number can only be made by the  MSISDN owner.
  2. The SIM hosting the number must be active and in you possession as the new operator is obliged to carry out a partial validation prior to sending the portability request to the current operator. The request is confirmed via SMS or with a call to the number in question.
    For this reason, before submitting the request, please ensure that you are the owner of the SIM  and that the SIM is active. In the event of a lost, stolen or damaged SIM, it will not be possible to proceed with the number portability request and you will have to contact your current provider for replacement SIM first.
  3. The additional documentation to be produced in original at the time of the portability request will be, in addition to the valid identification document, your tax code card and the physical SIM.
  4. The new operator is required to inform the customer who requests the portability of the number when the request is entered into its systems, upon receipt by the old operator of the positive or negative response, at the time of the porting of the number and the outcome of the transfer of the residual credit (if applicable).

Finally, we inform you that also SIM replacement (SIM SWAP) and change of ownership, requests can only be made by the SIM owner and, with his consent

Information about APPs that allow the resale of unused SMS

Lately there has been released on the market some APPs that allow mobile phone customers to sell for a fee unused SMS included in their bundles.

As also confirmed by the Communications Authority, these APPs, with different names and graphics advertise earnings through the resale of SMS, do not comply with current regulations and are not safe, once downloaded to your mobile phone, they generate unauthorized and illegal services.

The SMS given to the App, no longer controllable by either Lycamobile or by the user, will then be sent to unknown recipients with the original user’s phone number and with various contents and purposes. The user who adheres to these initiatives also exposes their personal data to risks and loses control of its mobile number while remaining legally responsible.

Furthermore, the resale of telephone traffic is prohibited by the General Contract Conditions and users who subscribe to these services and / or use those APPs that may be subject to the blocking of the service and / or termination of the contract.

The use of these Apps can expose you to very significant legal risks and Lycamobile recommends its customers not to download or not use these applications and promptly remove them from devices if they have already been installed.

Progressive reduction of planned 3G availability due to ongoing network enhancements

Lycamobile is working with its suppliers to improve the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of its data services.

As a consequence we announce the planned progressive reduction of the 3G technologies planned from 25 January 2021. We aim to complete the reduction of the 3G technologies by 28 February 2021.

Our suppliers continues to invest to integrate the most advanced technologies to provide greater quality and quantities of data usage.

For all 2G & 4G devices and services the continuity of services shall be guaranteed without any impact. Devices connected through 3G technology and therefore not 4G-enabled will be able to continue making calls and sending SMS, but may experience slowdowns in Internet browsing. All customers are advised to ensure they have a compatible SIM card and handset device to be able to benefit from the 4G services.

If you need support with changing your settings or any further info, call our Customer Service at the number 40322 from your Lycamobile number.

We are also sending SMS to all customer to inform you of the same and continue to support you.

Data Disruption for 3G users in the provinces of Ravenna, Ferrara, Forlí- Cesena

To foster the enhancement of the network infrastructures and to have a better experience with new generation services, starting from 20/07/2020 and for a maximum of two weeks, some technical interventions will be carried out on the 3G network in the provinces of Ravenna, Ferrara and Forlì-Cesena (capitals excluded). During this period, you can continue making calls and send SMS but interruptions to Internet browsing may occur for the time necessary to complete the activity. For any need or clarification please call our customer service at the number 40322.


Dear Customer,

We are aware of the hacking incident and the limited data relating to our customers that was illegally accessed.

We are treating the data breach very seriously and working with the authorities.

We have taken steps to ensure you that your data has now been secured and we have blocked access to the hacker.

We are identifying individuals impacted which appear to be a relatively small number based on the initial investigation. We continue to work with the authorities and will keep you updated.

If your data has been affected we will be contacting you.


In compliance with AGCOM Resolution no. 252/16 / CONS ” Measures to protect consumer and to promote transparency and comparison of the economic conditions of electronic communications services “, Lycamobile publish in this page the information sheets of all the offers made available to our customers. The information about our offers and bundles are also availabe at the bundle page reacheble also from the following link.
The General Contract Conditions and the additional information referred in Annex 5 of the Electronic Communications Code are available at the following link For the consumer.

PORTIN 7.90 Ivory-Coast-Orange-M
PORTIN-EST-10.90 South-Asia-Plus
ITALY-BLUE South-Asia-M-dal-01.12.2018
ITALY-RED-dal-14.08.2018 South-Asia-L-dal-01-12-2018
ITALY-WHITE-dal-14-08-2018 Nigeria-Plan-S-dal-04.11.2016
ITALY-GREEN Nigeria-Plan-Ldal-04.11.2016
Lyca-Globe-Plus Data-S-dal-07.04.2016
Lyca-Globe-12.01.2019 Data-M-dal-15.03.2017
Europe-Gold-dal-29.03.2018 Data-L-dal-15.03.2017
Europe-Star-dal-29.03.2017 Data-XL
Morocco-Orange-S PLUS-1GB-dal-15.03.2017
Morocco-Orange-M PLUS-2GB-dal-15.03.2017
Senegal-Orange-S-dal-31.10.2018 Lycaworld-S-dal-01.12.2016
Senegal-Orange-M dal-31-10-2018 Lycaworld-M-dal-01.12.2016

Costs: For all offers there are no activation, withdrawal or deactivation costs.

Data-S-dal-01.08.2015 Europe-Gold
Data-S-dal-14.12.2015 Europe-Gold-dal-07.04.2016
Data-M-dal-01.08.2015 Europe-Gold-dal-23.05.2016
Data-M-dal-14.12.2015 Europe-Gold-dal-31.05.2016
DATA-M-dal-07.04.2016 International-Red
Chiama-S International-Red-dal-23.05.2016
Chiama-S-dal-17.09.2015 South-Asia-L
Chiama-M South-Asia-L-dal-23.05.2016
Chiama-M-dal-17.09.2015 South-Asia-L-dal-31.05.2016
Chiama-M-dal-07.04.2016 South-Asia-L-dal-01.11.2016
All-in-One-S South-Asia-L-dal-05.01.2017
All-in-One-S-dal-17.09.2015 South-Asia-L-dal-01.05.2018
All-in-One-S-dal-07.04.2016 South-Asia-L-dal-17.10.2018
All-in-One-M Nigeria-Plan
All-in-One-M-dal-17.09.2015 Chiama-e-SMS-S
All-in-One-M-dal-07.04.2016 Chiama-e-SMS-M
All-in-One-M-dal-11.05.2016 Chiama-e-SMS-L
PLUS-1GB All-in-One-L
PLUS-2GB All-in-One-L-dal-11.05.2016
India-Plus-S All-in-One-XL
India-Plus-M All-in-One-XL-dal-11.05.2016
India-Plus-M-dal-21.01.2016 Europe-Star
India-Plus-M-dal-05.01.2017 Europe-Star-dal-23.05.2016
India-Plus-L Nigeria-Plan-S
India-Plus-L-dal-21.01.2016 Nigeria-Plan-L
India-Plus-L-dal-05.01.2017 Latin-Red
Asia-Plus-1 Latin-Red-dal-23.05.2016
ASIA-PLUS-1-dal-22.01.2017 Latin-Blue
Asia-Plus-1-dal-05-01-2017 Latin-Blue-dal-23.05.2016
Asia-Plus-2 Latin-Yellow
Asia-Plus-2-dal-05.01.2017 Latin-Yellow-dal-23.05.2016
Europe-Plus Data-L
Europe-Plusdal-07.04.2016 Lycaworld-S
Europe-Plusdal-05.01.2017 Lycaworld-S-dal-23.05.2016
Pakistan-Plan Lycaworld-M
Asia-Plus-3 Lycaworld-M-dal-23.05.2016
Asia-Plus-3-dal-21.01.2016 Asia-Plan
Asia-Plus-3-dal-01.11.2016 ITALY-White
Asia-Plus-3-dal-05.01.2017 ITALY-White-dal-12.09.2017
South-Asia-M ITALY-RED
South-Asia-M-DAL-21.01.2016 ITALY-REDdal-28.11.2017
South-Asia-Mdal-23.05.2016 ITALY-PLUS
South-Asia-Mdal-01.11.2016 Senegal-Orange-S
South-Asia-Mdal-05.01.2017 Senegal-Orange-S-dal-02.10.2018
South-Asia-Mdal-01.05.2018 Senegal-Orange-M
South-Asia-Mdal-08.10.2018 Senegal-Orange-M- dal-02.10.2018
South-Asia-S PORT-IN-6.90€
South-Asia-S-dal-21.01.2016 PORT-IN-6.90€-dal-01.11.2018
South-Asia-S-dal-23.05.2016 PORT-IN-EST
South-Asia-S-dal-01-11-2016 Chiama-SMS