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Monday, August 7, 2017

Have you ever thought about making a travel list? There are so many great destinations around the world that it's easy to miss some, so be careful not to forget these wonderful places.

Aurora borealis


Boreal aurora is one of the most beautiful phenomena of nature and when the sky lights up with almost magical color vortexes. You wonder if you're still on Earth. The best places to see the boreal aurora, a mystic phenomenon and source of inspiration, are: Canada, Alaska, Northern Scandinavia and Iceland.

American highways


Driving can be an epic adventure rather than a routine, if you do a long trip to the American roads. Strange and breathtaking sights along the way show that the United States is far more than its famous cities. Route 66, Highway 61, California State Route 1 and US Route 20 are among the most popular routes.

Taj Mahal


Most people know that the Taj Mahal was built in memory of the adorable wife of a Mughal emperor, but did you know that its color depends on the time of day? The Taj Mahal is a wonderful example of architectural grandeur and also a place where people go to experience a profound sense of spirituality. Many see it as a pilgrimage rather than a journey.



The Himalayas have the highest peaks in the world and extends gloriously from Pakistan to the east of China. There are some brave souls who go to Nepal to try to climb the Everest even just to get to the base camp. But most people are happy to cross the other majestic mountains, valleys and glaciers of this terrific territory.

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