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When we talk about mobile networks, names of the big telecoms service providers effortlessly come off the top of your head. However, interestingly those names are no longer ruling the market. With a dramatic shift in the telecoms industry, there are many smaller operators in the market, popularly known as MVNOs, who not only provide you with affordable alternatives but also help you get the desired flexibility when it comes to choosing a SIM only plan. To know how exactly an MVNO can help you save money, let’s first understand what an MVNO actually is.

What are MVNOs?

MVNO stands for mobile virtual network operator. These service providers do not own any wireless network infrastructure but lease telephone and data airtime from the main operators. In simple words, the MVNOs are third-party companies who have arrangements with traditional mobile networks to buy talk time, etc. in bulk, which they then sell on to customers at much more affordable costs.

Among the big names in the MVNO market is one company that has carved a niche ever since its inception – Lycamobile. Recipient of numerous awards and with a user base of 15 million and counting, Lycamobile has helped its customers stay connected with friends and family with the best SIM only plans, free international calls, national calls and SMS, high-speed data and more. Read on to know why Lycamobile is the first choice of so many people around the world.

Why should you choose Lycamobile?

Lycamobile offers the most affordable bundles/plans on the market
There are no contracts to tie you down, so no commitments, meaning you can change your bundle/plan every month
We make it easy for you to switch from your existing service provider, which means your number and contacts, messages and photos can be retained
We have regular offers, including special discounts on a range of plans, plus free credit when you refer a friend
We provide quick and easy options to top-up, and ensure you never run out of credit thanks to Auto Top-up
We have a multilingual Customer Services team

Special prepaid plans for Italy

For all our friends in Italy, Lycamobile has introduced two special international offers – Europe Star and Europe Gold. Here are a few more reasons why these plans are best suited for you:

Europe Star – Available for just €10, this plan is powered with unlimited national calls and texts, unlimited calls to Lycamobile numbers in Romania, 400 minutes to call 30 European countries and 3GB of high-speed data!

Europe Gold – This plan comes at an affordable price of €15 and offers 1000 national minutes, unlimited calls & texts to Lycamobile numbers in Italy, unlimited calls to Lycamobile numbers in Romania, 2000 minutes to Lycamobile numbers in Spain, 1000 minutes to 30 European countries and 5GB of high-speed data.

MVNOs are here to stay and are fast catching up as the popular choice for all, whether it’s locals, the expat community, tourists, students or business travellers. You too can benefit from Lycamobile, available across 22 countries. So, if you are already breaking the bank to pay off your hefty mobile bill, make a smart move today and switch to Lycamobile. Click here to buy your plan.